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Bitter Pill

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“Compelling and useful article for target audience. Extraordinary level of original research on a serious health issue. Engaging and clear. Good impact. Powerful stuff. Deeply engaging and informative. Readers felt supported and warned.” – The Judging Panel Publishing Australia Excellence Awards 2013 

Bella’s explosive investigative report in Marie Claire on the popular contraceptive pill Yaz and Yasmin Bitter Pill has been nominated by Marie Claire for Publisher’s Australia Excellence Awards and won runner up for the Article of The Year Award 2013.

Bella’s article was one of a handful of articles that received the most reader’s letters in the history of Marie Claire

Her story spurred the popular Australian current affairs show Today Tonight to do a story on it, as well as Channel 10′s The Project, which you can watch below.

Channel 7 Today Tonight “Contraceptive Pill Dangers”

Channel 10 The Project “Contraceptive Side Effects”

To read Bella’s story  Click HERE for Bella’s story on Yaz with Marie Claire

Bella has been asked to write for Harper’s Bazaar, Madison, Marie Claire, Notebook Magazine,Time Out New York, Time Out Sydney, Weight Watchers Magazine, The Sun Herald, Way to Go Magazine, the Newcastle Herald and Qantas In-flight Magazine.


Bella Vendramini - Marie Claire